Thursday 5 December 2013


Hello lovelies!

Real life is conspiring to keep me from blogging but they can't keep me down! At least not forever....(pssst sorry bout missing some days there). Mystery absence aside, I bring you The Arcade part 2!

This is my second time showing you some of the arcade goodies and I hope you're as in love as I am. The Queen hair from Analog Dog is crazy cutes and I feel like I should devour hamburgers and wear a sweater with a giant J on it everytime I put it on. ^_^ I was also very pleasantly surprised by this jacket from Curio Obscura. I played it hoping for my usual pink and managed to get this cheetah print instead. I am normally not one for animal prints but gosh this is cute and classic-elegant-y. ^_^ Finally my pose is from the Flowey gacha and is super cute! I love each version offered and seriously it is just so fun! I don't know why a giant tea bag is chasing me through the snow but I know it's exciting! ^_^ Hopefully I'll have more for you soon <3


Hair - Analog Dog @ The Arcade Queen (rare) (75L gacha)

Jacket - Curio Obscura @ The Arcade Fluffy Fur Jacket Classic Cheetah (rare) (75L gacha)

Pose w prop - Flowey @ The Arcade RUN TEA DRINKER RUN #2 (rare) (50L gacha)

skin is the new usual ;)

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