Friday, 20 December 2013


Gosh it's freezing.... I wonder if I forgot something?

Okay okay, while I'm certainly forgetful even I haven't managed to leave the house without pants. Except in Second Life. >.> Aaaaaaaanyways I have goodies to tell you about! First of all my lovely warm sweater is a group gift from PopTart and comes with a boy and girl version and can maybe kinda count as a sweater dress! Maybe? Today is also the very exciting start of WetCat's holiday giveaway! The snowflake I'm hitching a ride on is today's gift and there will be 3 more daily! ^_^

Finally my hair is today's giveaway from Alice Project and is just so fun! There are even braid attachments which I happily added. Oh and a quick close-up of the adorable nails from Elephante Poses which are part of their daily vip group giveaways!


Sweater - PopTart Christmas sweater (0L group gift)

Pose - WetCat Snowflake I (0L gold group gift - fee to join)

Hair - Alice Project Willow Frosted Blonde (0L)

Nails - Elephante Poses All Wrapped Up (0L vip group gift - fee to join)

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