Sunday, 1 December 2013

Rock on Barbie

Barbie's World! Barbie's World! Wooooo wooo woooo! Anyone but me remember that ole Wayne's World movie? No? Just me?  Moving on.... >.>

So Somnia strikes again with crazy Santa-like generosity! You see this beautiful sweater? ANOTHER GIFT! My goodness! She must be made of sugar or something. Seriously about this sweater though. I need it irl now! ^_^ I also need to take a moment to mention this fabulous Keytar by Hela Miyo. I have tried to include this in just about every post I've taken since finding and sadly couldn't talk myself into it whether it was blocking the outfit or I really really needed to show you all a pose. Keytar time has finally come! *marks it on her calendar* ^_^

Also there is very exciting Little Bones news! You still get the lovely ink pot as a group only color but you will now receive Mello Yello (what I'm wearing), antivenom, and mousse! Creator Nova Faerye has resent out Dalliance in the new colors alongwith the gorgeous Devout I have on! If you adore these hairs I strongly recommend you join the Little Bones group ASAP as there will be a group join fee added soon of 250L. The hair gifts are definitely worth the fee but it's always nice to jump in before if you can! :)


Sweater - Somnia Jailbird Lavender & white (0L group gift - notices)

Hair - Little Bones Devout Mello Yello (0L group gift)

Pose w prop - Hela Miyo Keytar (1L giant wall of dollarbies)

Necklace - Olive @ Geeks'n'Nerds fair the Sorting necklace Silver/gold (25L gacha)

Headband - Persefona @ Christmas Market Mistletoe Wreath gold (0L gift)

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