Monday, 2 December 2013

The Arcade part 1 (OMG)

IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! So count me as one of the many who waited in line for hours to get into The Arcade and it is so totally amazingly worth it. I was super tempted to force everything onto my avi and post pictures buuuuuuut the slow reveal of my favorites seems like a better plan.

The 8F8 items are crazy popular this time around and I couldn't resist showing one of their secret prizes for this first post! This is the Killer Bunny but there are so many and gosh all so cute! I was once again impressed with Click who are offering really cute sledding poses and I think the machine likes me since I got this one on my second try! ^_^ Finally I am totally whole-heartedly in love with these Gemma skins from Glam Affair and I doubt I'll be switching again any time soon. So freaking pretty and so many options! Before I dive back into the furious trading going on in The Arcade Gacha group, I'll add that it might be easier to get into the galley and long-range shop! Good luck and may you get all the rares your heart desires. <3


Hat & Mittens - 8F8 @ the Arcade Cozy Woolers Killer Bunny (50L gacha)

Skin - Glam Affair @ The Arcade Gemma Europa 02 (100L gacha)

Pose w prop - Click @ The Arcade Saucer Sled 8 (25L gacha)

Shirt - ~H.E.A.~ Snowman Crop Top (30L)

Hair - Ploom Lislie Candy

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