Sunday, 29 December 2013

Old-fashioned Barbie

Hello lovelies!

Just a quickie post between football games to let you know about some newly gifted goodies and some that are thankfully still there for procrastinators like me! Details in the credits and gooooo teams! ^_^ (Broncos have a bye so time to make nice to the other teams lol)


Dress & Shoes - G*Field Holiday gift 2012 & 2013 (0L - dress also comes in a very pretty light blue)

Pose w prop - Naminoke Mokuba chair (0L group gift)

Skin - Glam Affair Mokatana America (0L group gift - fee to join)

Kitty ears - caLLie cLine @ Kittycats Diamond Kitty ears (0L Kittycats advent calendar)

Necklace - Designs by Isaura @ Kittycats Snowflake necklace (0L Kittycats advent calendar)

Hair - Ploom London Indecisive

Friday, 20 December 2013


Gosh it's freezing.... I wonder if I forgot something?

Okay okay, while I'm certainly forgetful even I haven't managed to leave the house without pants. Except in Second Life. >.> Aaaaaaaanyways I have goodies to tell you about! First of all my lovely warm sweater is a group gift from PopTart and comes with a boy and girl version and can maybe kinda count as a sweater dress! Maybe? Today is also the very exciting start of WetCat's holiday giveaway! The snowflake I'm hitching a ride on is today's gift and there will be 3 more daily! ^_^

Finally my hair is today's giveaway from Alice Project and is just so fun! There are even braid attachments which I happily added. Oh and a quick close-up of the adorable nails from Elephante Poses which are part of their daily vip group giveaways!


Sweater - PopTart Christmas sweater (0L group gift)

Pose - WetCat Snowflake I (0L gold group gift - fee to join)

Hair - Alice Project Willow Frosted Blonde (0L)

Nails - Elephante Poses All Wrapped Up (0L vip group gift - fee to join)

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Adventures in Space!

Hello lovelies!

*holds out her wrists for slapping* Over a week away how could I? In my defense, the snow realised how much I love it and decided to welcome me at every stopover on the flight home. Needless to say I got to see a lot of nice hotels. ^_^ I meant o have this posted forever ago since you now only have a day to go, but Rotten Defiance is closing and have marked all non-gacha/non-event items in store down to 10L!!! I went a lil crazy. She also set out every group gift ever for guys and gals for sale at the entrance so hurry hurry! December 18th is the last day it will be open! I promise to post some sorta something again before the weekend so remember to miss me lots til then. ^_^ <3

Everyone knows food is a weapon in space.... right? Surrender your planet Earthlings! ^_^

Til next time! <3


Space outfit & Shirt - Rotten Defiance Vintage space suit and Candy Fair Shirts (10L each closing sale)

Hair - Ploom London in Indecisive and Ares in Candy

Weapon - Tee*fy @ The Arcade Taiyaki gun (50L gacha)

Skin - Glam Affair @ The Arcade Gemma 6 (100L gacha)

Pose #1 and Snowflake moufie in photo 2 - HopScotch The Hunter pose and Snowflake nibbler (1L each advent calendar gifts)

Pose #2 - HelaMiyo pose stand (1L included with photo studio)

Sunday, 8 December 2013

This is the story...

of when the Sushi Master....

and the Sushizooka...

finally met. Dun dun duuuuuunnnnn

Sorry kid, but a Barbie's gotta do what a Barbie's gotta do...

^_^ So I miiiight have said this at some point but OMG The Arcade is amaaaazing! This is one of the funnest posts I've ever tried and if it weren't for the lovely creators at The Arcade I never would've gotten to. So thank you and please take more of my lindens. ^_^


Penguins - Mish Mish @ the Arcade SushiMaster and Penguin attachment(rare) (50L gacha)

Sushizooka - Tee*fy @ The Arcade Sushizooka (50L gacha)

Hair - Analog Dog @ The Arcade Dairy Queen (75L gacha)

Skin - Glam Affair @ The Arcade Gemma 06 (100L gacha)

Backpack - BCC @ The Arcade Happy Kuku Backpack Blue (75L gacha)

Ears&Tail - +Half Deer+ @ The Arcade Rainbow Kitty (50L gacha)

Shirt - Somnia 900 members gift (0L)

Thursday, 5 December 2013


Hello lovelies!

Real life is conspiring to keep me from blogging but they can't keep me down! At least not forever....(pssst sorry bout missing some days there). Mystery absence aside, I bring you The Arcade part 2!

This is my second time showing you some of the arcade goodies and I hope you're as in love as I am. The Queen hair from Analog Dog is crazy cutes and I feel like I should devour hamburgers and wear a sweater with a giant J on it everytime I put it on. ^_^ I was also very pleasantly surprised by this jacket from Curio Obscura. I played it hoping for my usual pink and managed to get this cheetah print instead. I am normally not one for animal prints but gosh this is cute and classic-elegant-y. ^_^ Finally my pose is from the Flowey gacha and is super cute! I love each version offered and seriously it is just so fun! I don't know why a giant tea bag is chasing me through the snow but I know it's exciting! ^_^ Hopefully I'll have more for you soon <3


Hair - Analog Dog @ The Arcade Queen (rare) (75L gacha)

Jacket - Curio Obscura @ The Arcade Fluffy Fur Jacket Classic Cheetah (rare) (75L gacha)

Pose w prop - Flowey @ The Arcade RUN TEA DRINKER RUN #2 (rare) (50L gacha)

skin is the new usual ;)

Monday, 2 December 2013

Dressing it up

The Best Time of the Year....

I'm insanely excited that Christmas is almost here.  I love everything about it - the decorations, the smells of things being baked, of actually baking, getting gifts for loved ones.  The snow is only pretty if I don't have to drive in it and if it just wasn't so coooold.  If we could manage to get snow while it is nice and hot outside that would be interesting.  
Anywhoooo - to the finds!


Hair: little bones. Dalliance - Ink Pot (0L/free group gift)
Makeup - TH! Creeper Eyeliner, C!C! Eyeliner Pink, *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash
Skin - [D'A] Dahlia - Apocalyspe (50L)
Dress (comes with corset, skirt, collar) - ~*~Shar`s~*~ Atlantica dress (15L)

The Arcade part 1 (OMG)

IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! So count me as one of the many who waited in line for hours to get into The Arcade and it is so totally amazingly worth it. I was super tempted to force everything onto my avi and post pictures buuuuuuut the slow reveal of my favorites seems like a better plan.

The 8F8 items are crazy popular this time around and I couldn't resist showing one of their secret prizes for this first post! This is the Killer Bunny but there are so many and gosh all so cute! I was once again impressed with Click who are offering really cute sledding poses and I think the machine likes me since I got this one on my second try! ^_^ Finally I am totally whole-heartedly in love with these Gemma skins from Glam Affair and I doubt I'll be switching again any time soon. So freaking pretty and so many options! Before I dive back into the furious trading going on in The Arcade Gacha group, I'll add that it might be easier to get into the galley and long-range shop! Good luck and may you get all the rares your heart desires. <3


Hat & Mittens - 8F8 @ the Arcade Cozy Woolers Killer Bunny (50L gacha)

Skin - Glam Affair @ The Arcade Gemma Europa 02 (100L gacha)

Pose w prop - Click @ The Arcade Saucer Sled 8 (25L gacha)

Shirt - ~H.E.A.~ Snowman Crop Top (30L)

Hair - Ploom Lislie Candy

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Rock on Barbie

Barbie's World! Barbie's World! Wooooo wooo woooo! Anyone but me remember that ole Wayne's World movie? No? Just me?  Moving on.... >.>

So Somnia strikes again with crazy Santa-like generosity! You see this beautiful sweater? ANOTHER GIFT! My goodness! She must be made of sugar or something. Seriously about this sweater though. I need it irl now! ^_^ I also need to take a moment to mention this fabulous Keytar by Hela Miyo. I have tried to include this in just about every post I've taken since finding and sadly couldn't talk myself into it whether it was blocking the outfit or I really really needed to show you all a pose. Keytar time has finally come! *marks it on her calendar* ^_^

Also there is very exciting Little Bones news! You still get the lovely ink pot as a group only color but you will now receive Mello Yello (what I'm wearing), antivenom, and mousse! Creator Nova Faerye has resent out Dalliance in the new colors alongwith the gorgeous Devout I have on! If you adore these hairs I strongly recommend you join the Little Bones group ASAP as there will be a group join fee added soon of 250L. The hair gifts are definitely worth the fee but it's always nice to jump in before if you can! :)


Sweater - Somnia Jailbird Lavender & white (0L group gift - notices)

Hair - Little Bones Devout Mello Yello (0L group gift)

Pose w prop - Hela Miyo Keytar (1L giant wall of dollarbies)

Necklace - Olive @ Geeks'n'Nerds fair the Sorting necklace Silver/gold (25L gacha)

Headband - Persefona @ Christmas Market Mistletoe Wreath gold (0L gift)