Friday, 24 January 2014

Don't go any higher?

F*ck that! I Can Do Anything!

I'm not gonna lie I totally almost went with Zippity-doo-dah but in the end I decided to embrace the happy Canadian musics! ^_^ So now that I've given up on disliking Hedley and embraced their happy silliness, onto the goodies! My outfit is one of the new free goodies to be found if you're feeling lucky at Sn@tch and the skirt is just so happy and whimsical. It feels like spring which might be the happiest thing regardless of my deep and abiding love of snow. My pose is one of two last offerings from Nani Poses @ OMG which is ending soon so hurry over and feed your gacha addictions and show some goodbye love to Nani. Oh and on a door-closing-window-opening or however that phrase goes - My Attic is open and the stuff is amaaaazing! Especially for only 95L. 

I also couldn't even try to resist this adorable lil guy new from Follow Us! They recently redid the store and I confess I spent like an hour playing on the floor with the pup they have out (playing.. crying cause it ate a barbie... same thing) so when the notice came out that this apparently-better-behaved brother was up as a preview of the Valentine's Day collection I quickly stole him home. Yay animal friends! ^_^

I spent likely too much time pouring over the marketplace this week and POSH was one of the fun new discoveries. Personally I'm an admitted Jane Austen addict so their free gift works perfectly for me but there are lots of other great books-turned-purses for only 10L on their marketplace store as well. Yays! Gosh this post has gotten a lil long huh? Guess that means it's time for me to direct you to the credits and go do anything! ^_^ 



Top & Skirt - Sn@tch Time Changes (0L luckyboards - much more to outfit than shown)

Puppy - Follow Us! Valentine's My Love dog (149L)

Purse - POSH Novel-ty purse Pride and Prejudice (0L)

Pose - Nani @ OMG Express yourself 1 (50L gacha)

Hair - Ploom @ My Attic Lynette Indecisive (95L - the bows are so cute and lotsa color options!)

Necklace - MDL Angel-Demon Kawaii (1L group gift - could no longer find inworld. Boo)

Skin is the usual ^_^

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