Thursday, 9 January 2014

Looooooove meeeeeeeeeeee

Hello lovely ones! I survived the trip back and only got stranded twice and had to wait an extra few days on luggage! ^_^ Ah well the joys of winter. I should be back to posting every other day so yays! I was super happy to make it back in time for the Oh My Gacha fair which is up this month. I really enjoyed the first one and this time is no exception. This will definitely not be my only post featuring their items. ^_^

I'm pretty sure Geek gets cuter every time I see them. This burnt out pac caught my eye and it's so fun! There are a bunch of different messages to choose from and how awesome is it with the voodoo poses from Nantra? Crazily so! ^_^ 1 Hundred is back with another really cute top gacha and these kinda-naughty-but-mostly-sweet thermals are soooooo adorables! Also stop by Somnia if you get the slightest chance. In keeping with her crazy generosity, Sanura Snowpaw has filled the luckyboards with even more goodies. I'm a little obsessed with this maiden hussy skirt she made but really can you blame me? Last but certainly not least I logged onto three - yes three - new gift hairs from Little Bones! There is a fee to join now but it is crazy worth it. Well that's all from me for today lovelies! <3


Pose - Nantra @ OMG Voodoo Valentine (50L gacha)

Viewfinder - Geek @ OMG Burnwifme goggles orange (50L gacha)

Shirt - 1 Hundred @ OMG Low cut thermal tee white (50L gacha)

Skirt - Somnia Maiden Hussy skirt grey (0L luckyboard)

Hair - Little Bones Monday antivenom (0L group gift - 250L fee to join)

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