Friday, 24 January 2014

Don't go any higher?

F*ck that! I Can Do Anything!

I'm not gonna lie I totally almost went with Zippity-doo-dah but in the end I decided to embrace the happy Canadian musics! ^_^ So now that I've given up on disliking Hedley and embraced their happy silliness, onto the goodies! My outfit is one of the new free goodies to be found if you're feeling lucky at Sn@tch and the skirt is just so happy and whimsical. It feels like spring which might be the happiest thing regardless of my deep and abiding love of snow. My pose is one of two last offerings from Nani Poses @ OMG which is ending soon so hurry over and feed your gacha addictions and show some goodbye love to Nani. Oh and on a door-closing-window-opening or however that phrase goes - My Attic is open and the stuff is amaaaazing! Especially for only 95L. 

I also couldn't even try to resist this adorable lil guy new from Follow Us! They recently redid the store and I confess I spent like an hour playing on the floor with the pup they have out (playing.. crying cause it ate a barbie... same thing) so when the notice came out that this apparently-better-behaved brother was up as a preview of the Valentine's Day collection I quickly stole him home. Yay animal friends! ^_^

I spent likely too much time pouring over the marketplace this week and POSH was one of the fun new discoveries. Personally I'm an admitted Jane Austen addict so their free gift works perfectly for me but there are lots of other great books-turned-purses for only 10L on their marketplace store as well. Yays! Gosh this post has gotten a lil long huh? Guess that means it's time for me to direct you to the credits and go do anything! ^_^ 



Top & Skirt - Sn@tch Time Changes (0L luckyboards - much more to outfit than shown)

Puppy - Follow Us! Valentine's My Love dog (149L)

Purse - POSH Novel-ty purse Pride and Prejudice (0L)

Pose - Nani @ OMG Express yourself 1 (50L gacha)

Hair - Ploom @ My Attic Lynette Indecisive (95L - the bows are so cute and lotsa color options!)

Necklace - MDL Angel-Demon Kawaii (1L group gift - could no longer find inworld. Boo)

Skin is the usual ^_^

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Take my tears and that's not nearly all

Tainted Love! Whoa-oh-oh

Hello Lovelies! So 100% honesty - I saw the gift from Little Bones and my mind went to the Marilyn Manson version; not the Soft Cell one! I know it's perfectly shameful. I blame the radio and much music for not playing enough 80s music when I was lil! *hides her 80s love card so no one can takes it* Shameful confessions aside, I couldn't resist another wildish look when I say the name. Despite the fact that this hair is surprisingly sweet, with lyrics like that you've gotta play up to it right? ^_^

We've got a very random assortment of sl goodies here for you so be sure to check credits for the details! I'ma drag you all over the grid and marketplace! ^_^



Hair & Boots - Little Bones Tainted Love Mello Yello & Valentine (0L group gift - boots no longer avail as gift but for sale in store)

Chest tattoo - Little Pricks Fairytales are full of shit (0L Luckyboard)

Stomach tattoo - Pimp My Shit Free yourself (group gift 0L)

Tank top - abrasive Locked and Loaded (1L)

Poses w guitar - NanTra Sassy Girl 5 & Rock Goddess 4 (0L Subscribo gift & 50L gacha)

Eyeliner - Birdy VIP eyeliners (1L VIP group gift)

Lips - Pink Acid Collagen Lips red (0L group gift)

Fishnets - N-Core part of LULU red (past group gift)

Garter - Sn@tch Outlet The Cruel Straps (0L)

Skirt - Blink2Wink Rock Attitude (past hunt gift)

Friday, 17 January 2014

Hush, hush darling

Hello again lovelies! I was feeling like taking a virtual walk on the wild side and have scoured various ink shops in sl to help me look the part! I've also determined that lyrics are a fun and exciting way to give me outfit ideas so here is some old-school No Doubt for you! ^_^

Little Pricks is one of those stores just being quietly badass that I stumbled upon by mistake and am very glad I did! They have luckyboards aaaaaand product campers (how fun are product campers? Free things while I sort out the mess known as my inventory! ^_^ ) and their stuff is super nice and well priced. They made my super cute chest tattoo! I discovered Pimp My Shit (PMS) twice before I caught on to how much they rock (sometimes I'm slow, forgive me!) but I'm thankfully converted now and you can find slap their MM to get the same sleeves as me! I also couldn't resist some of their leg tatts so yanno go check them out. Finally the marketplace is a treasuretrove when it comes to tattoos. I know the marketplace can wear on you a little with all the demos but you are generally free from that if you sneak through to their tattoo section. Yay! The super cool ink by -Irony- on my calves below were a new marketplace discovery and there were others I couldn't quite manage to squeeze into this post. While not a tattoo I also happily discovered  DirtyLand  through the marketplace and there are so many cute freebies/cheapies with this store it's crazy!

Last but not at all least is the exciting news that The Boobies Show has opened again! ^_^ All you other applier-lovers should hurry over and check it out. Personally I couldn't resist this bubblegum pink dress and there's so much more there to tempt your lindens away. Time to go see if the wild side has cookies! ^_^

Credits  (background was found here)

Dress - Babydoll @ The Boobies Show Banded Dress Pink (120L)

Chest tattoo - Little Pricks Fucked Up Beautifully (0L luckyboard)

Sleeves & left thigh - Pimp My Shit (PMS) Grim Reaper sleeves & Smartest Thing leg (0L MM & 85L)

Right hip/thigh - Insanya AEHunt (past hunt gift)

Calves - -Irony-  I am Mechanical calf tattoo (1L - comes with each leg separately or both)

Mouth cover - Dirtyland STFU 2 versions (0L)

Poses - oOo Studios  Sexpot (0L VIP group gift - fee to join)

Shoes - N-Core Coquette Glitter edition pink

Hair - Little Bones Dalliance Mello Yello (0L past group gift)

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

All that glitters....

HAI! ^_^ I fell in love with this crazycute dress from Luas today and since it is only 25L (usually 150L) I naturally needed to share it with you! There are three colors available and the dress is both mesh and includes LOLA appliers! My favorites ^_^

P.S. - how cute is this new Little Bones hair? Two more new hairs today it's crazy! ^_^ 


Outfit w jewelery - Luas Tarna Ivory (25L January 14th only 150L after)

Hair - Little Bones Neon Bible Mello Yello (0L group gift fee to join group)

Pose - Elephante Poses Getting Better 

Skin is the usual ^_^

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Looooooove meeeeeeeeeeee

Hello lovely ones! I survived the trip back and only got stranded twice and had to wait an extra few days on luggage! ^_^ Ah well the joys of winter. I should be back to posting every other day so yays! I was super happy to make it back in time for the Oh My Gacha fair which is up this month. I really enjoyed the first one and this time is no exception. This will definitely not be my only post featuring their items. ^_^

I'm pretty sure Geek gets cuter every time I see them. This burnt out pac caught my eye and it's so fun! There are a bunch of different messages to choose from and how awesome is it with the voodoo poses from Nantra? Crazily so! ^_^ 1 Hundred is back with another really cute top gacha and these kinda-naughty-but-mostly-sweet thermals are soooooo adorables! Also stop by Somnia if you get the slightest chance. In keeping with her crazy generosity, Sanura Snowpaw has filled the luckyboards with even more goodies. I'm a little obsessed with this maiden hussy skirt she made but really can you blame me? Last but certainly not least I logged onto three - yes three - new gift hairs from Little Bones! There is a fee to join now but it is crazy worth it. Well that's all from me for today lovelies! <3


Pose - Nantra @ OMG Voodoo Valentine (50L gacha)

Viewfinder - Geek @ OMG Burnwifme goggles orange (50L gacha)

Shirt - 1 Hundred @ OMG Low cut thermal tee white (50L gacha)

Skirt - Somnia Maiden Hussy skirt grey (0L luckyboard)

Hair - Little Bones Monday antivenom (0L group gift - 250L fee to join)