Thursday, 28 November 2013

Baby it's cold outside

Well my valiant effort to not spend any more lindens til The Arcade opens last about an hour today. In totally unrelated news The Christmas Market opened today! ^_^ Okay maybe not so unrelated. There are a crazy amount of gifts there as well as some really cute items being offered by the designers so go check it out!

Also make sure to stop by Plastik, preferably daily. It is crazy to me how generous she can be but just like with Halloween there are daily group gift givers by the luckyboards. Plus November freebies & cheapies are out! So much yay for Plastik and particularly this Santa hat! ;)

Credits (taken at the Christmas Market)

Scarf - J & A @ The Christmas Market Mesh open scarf for men & women (0L)

Pose - Frozen @ The Christmas Market Warm Drink 4 (25L gacha)

Hat - Plastik Santa Beanie (3 options to pick from or get em all! Santa hat @ gift giver table) (0L)

Dress - Plastik Airen Cream (0L November Freebies)

Boots - NS Cutie Store Winter Boots (1L group gift)

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