Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Don't ya know me honey?

So Nani Poses were a discovery I very happily made at the Body Expo and I was super pleased to see that they are taking part in The Thrift Shop! With a gacha too! And that boys and girls is the story of how I temporarily became a bit of a stripper. :O

I also decided that if I was going to bare so much pixel skin to the world than it was going to be beautifully decorated. I don't wear tattoos too too often but this just seemed the best chance to break em all out. My hair is another of the sparkly Alice Project hair gachas and my 1 Hundred top is a gacha too! Gacha gacha gacha. Hrmmmm yanno everything other than my tattoos are gacha.... Think there's a support group I should join? ^_^


Pose - Nani Poses @ The Thrift Shop Striptease #7 (35L gacha)

Belt - Hollipocket Spank Me Belt Mini Leather Candy Hearts (75L Lazy Sunday gift from last week so hurry! Still there at time of post)

Top -1 Hundred @ The Thrift Shop Tenderness Tops violet (40L gacha)

Hair - Alice Project @ The Thrift Shop Bells II Glitter/Rainbow Indigo (50L gacha)

Arm Tattoos - Micelets Vintage Mice Tattoo (1L - sadly no appliers, more to tattoo than shown!)

Left leg tattoo - ~H.E.A.~ Rainbows'n'hearts (10L)

Right upper thigh tattoo - Milk Love Thy Neighbor (0L The Dirty Turkey Hunt)

Pelvic tattoo - Sugar Button Boutique 100% sugar (0L)

Stomach tattoo - PMS Free Yourself (0L)

Necklace - Noodles Alien necklace rare (75L gacha)

Speech bubble - Monso Oppa Don't you know me honey? (75L gacha - past arcade but available in store)

Face tattoo - The sugar Garden Rhinestone Heart Stickers (0L vip section but don't have to be in group)

Skin - Birdy @ Chapter Four Imogen Biscuit Blossom (99L gacha)

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