Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Dreary Bears have a sleeeeeeeepover!

It's hard to believe these lil bears can be called dreary but I bow down before the genius that is +Half Deer+. +Half Deer+ is a store that we refer to as 'the danger store' because our lindens have a habit of disappearing whenever we visit the main store or stop by events it is participating in. Needless to say, our home and inventory is full of loverly things like this! ^_^


Dreary Bears - +Half Deer+ @ Chapter 4 Dreary Bears Love (173L includes buddies for your head and lounger)

Antlers - +Half Deer+ Eternum Antlers Dollface (75L gacha)

Chocolate Bar/Glasses - Dimbula Rose Chocolate Set (0L Group Gift @mainstore)

Nightie - Sassy Sleepless Slip (0L Group gift - there's a crazy amount of em there!)

Slippers - Atypical Kawaii Bunny Slipper (past hunt gift, store only on marketplace now)

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