Wednesday, 6 November 2013

I'm a Heartbreaker

Dream-maker! Love Taker! So don't you mess around no no no! Now that we've got our 80s dose out of the way... [even though it's really the 70s! :O]

The Dirty Turkey Hunt 4.0 has introduced me to so many new stores that it's crazy. This skirt is by Imp Tail and I'm so in love with it. The simplicity, the textures, the daring. So much <3. A skirt that good deserves a look built around it and thus we have Heartbreaker! I suspect this pose is all old and such but Hopscotch has it set out as a gift and it's super cutes. There are two others that are included and really isn't breaking hearts a year round thing? ^_^


Skirt - Imp Tail Damage mini skirt (0L The dirty Turkey Hunt)

Pose - Stupid Heart HopScotch (1L)

Shirt - ViVi Debra Sleeved Sweater Shirt Black (0L October group gift - join the subscribo!)

Shoes - Isis Bellic Fetish Ballet Shoe Dominatrix (1L Pin up hunt - so so so many hunts)

Hair - Ploom Squirrel Indecisive

Purse - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations Cubic Cherry Purse (0L The Dirty Turkey Hunt)

Necklace - Noodles Conquer All Necklace (50L gacha)

Polar Cub/Skin - Birdy Snow cub/Imogen Biscuit Blossom (1L Vip gift/99L gacha)

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