Friday, 22 November 2013

The Cube!

Two posts in one day? Oh Mai! ^_^ I was planning one for tomorrow when I realised I hadn't hit up 50L Friday yet! Bang! was very kind in setting our their cube in purple to feed my pose addiction. Yum yum. ^_^

There are 5 poses and it'll be out til midnight slt tonight so hurry hurry! My dress is one of the many adorable items on sale at Poptart which is going on til Dec 10th. Check the credits for the rest! ^_^


Dress - PopTart Bunny Ears Hoodie Light Pink (50L)

Pose - Bang! The Cube purple (50L friday nov 22nd only)

Ears/Antlers - +Half Deer+ Deer Ears white (past 50LFriday) Fawn Antlers Vintage Floral (50L gacha)

Socks - ~H.E.A.~ Bunny Stockings (5L)

Hair & Skin are the usual ^_^

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