Monday, 11 November 2013

How bout them Broncos?

I know I know my colors are all wrong for the Broncos but they are the reason this post wasn't done yesterday! Plus the adorableness of this afk pose by Hela Miyo just has to be shared! In case you missed it, the Thrift Shop is now open! ^_^ If I were to trace back when my gacha addiction first started it would be the last incarnation of this event. My addiction has clearly grown much worse as I walked away with about double what I did last year [I thoroughly blame The Arcade for worsening my addiction] but yay for lotsa new affordable looks to show you! ^_^ Strangely enough, only one of the items I'm sporting is gacha-related and that would be these super cutes fish glasses from Naminoke! Though my hair was originally discovered through the Alice Project gachas... the glittery rainbow version was so cutes I had to buy the Create-Your-Own version from their booth!

My crazy cute outfit is a mix of Forever Young @ the Thrift Shop (seriously these capris are worth every linden!) and my newfound hero Sn@tch! After getting these capris I was desperately in need of a simple tank top with appliers I could pair with it. Seems easy huh? I wish Sn@tch had occurred to me right away because 5 stores after starting my search and no luck! Thankfully there is a handy Lolas section with the accessories and my heart's desire was afforadbly won! ^_^ So just super yay Sn@tch! ^_^


Glasses - Naminoke @ The Thrift Shop Aquarium glasses #2-5 (30L gacha)

Hair - Alice Project @ The Thrift Shop Steph Silk Hud Blonde Gittery streaks (175L create your own - let's you choose any 5 colors!)

Capris - Forever Young @ The Thrift Shop Loved Sweat pants (99L fatpack of 6 colors)

Tank - Sn@tch Butch Tanks solid White (125L for 8 colors)

Pose - Hela Miyo AFKer color change (1L)

Skin - Filthy Lola 03 (75L gacha)

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