Friday, 15 November 2013

Snow white..... more like Black Ice!

Sorry for the terrible play on words there. Hard for me to resist! ^_^

So I finally dragged my butt over to The Singer Icon Fair 2 last night while waiting for 50L friday goodies to go on sale and was so pleasantly surprised! I missed the first time it was around so maybe the quality and generosity shoulda been expected but either way YAY! I <3 Axix. I was completely caught by the cute rings they set out as a gift at the candy fair and then I found out they made poses and the junkie in me went 'squuueeee'. It's crazy to me that they make such great poses aaaannnd such cute accessories and now we can add clothes to the mix! They have this bodysuit set out for 5L at the Singer Icon Fair and it had me feeling very lil black riding hood. ^_^

Have you ever seen a new release and known you were going to have it even though you shouldn't? This amazing tail by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations was one of those for me. I got the notice. I couldn't stop myself from going to the store to look. I distracted myself by playing the gachas, going over all the reasons that I - as someone who never wears tails - should not buy this tail. Yesterday my will broke and oooooh how sweet it is! The texturing is amazing as always and really just the concept is too good to resist. ^_^

A quick lil close-up too off another version of the bellic ballet shoes by Isis - my obsession will never end, particularly when bunnies are added! Also of the lipstick you can also pick up at the Singer Icon Fair by Pink Acid. Finally this super cute kitty hair is by Eaters Coma is an old giftie but super cute. I was somehow in the dark on them so yaaay to Umi for enlightening me! ^_^


Bodysuit - Axix @ The Singer Icon Fair 2 Riah Bodysuit (5L)

Lipstick - Pink Acid @ The Singer Icon Fair 2 Elegant Lipstick Electric Red (0L)

Tail - Cherry Cubic Kre-ations Chain Tail (180L)

Shoes - Isis Bellic Bleeping Bunny Ballet Shoes Black (0L mini bleeping bunny hunt)

Handcuffs&pose - Image Essentials @ The Thrift Shop Handcuffs 3 (75L gacha)

Hair - Eaters Coma Gift 1 Dark Noir (0L group gift)

Skin -  Birdy @ Chapter 4 Imogen Biscuit Blossom (99L gacha)

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