Friday, 8 November 2013

The seaweed is always greener In somebody else's lake

When I first came to SL and found out I could be a mermaid... oh my oh my, the little girl that had always wanted to be a mermaid completely took over my keyboard and Umiko was born...


Hair - (red)Mint - Hair(Msh) No.10 - gG 03'13  {Free Gift from the Hair Fair}
Hair Accessories -
        Flower - [RA]  Lilie Accessoire - White (from the LocknRoll hair)  {Not Free}
        Beads - (red)Mint - Loose pearls (baby Pink)  {came with the hair pictured}
Eyes - :[Plastik]: Aqaumer Collection - Caesius Fantasy {came with the skin}
Eye Lashes - *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - Upper+Lower {Not Free}
Skin - :[Plastik]: Aquamer with Gills - Clau Stargazer {Not Free}
Tattoo - :[Plastik]: Aquamer Spots - Violet
Ears - :[Plastik]: Arkenea Ears - Dragoon Clau {came with skin}
Makeup -
        TH!  Creeper Eyeliner {October Group Gift}
        XCW Freebie Eyeshadow - Turquoise, Blue, Pink {freebie from marketplace}
        C!C!Gloss Cold Whisper {Marketplace}
Mermaid Tail and Fins - .erare.syren - mercy {Not Free and can only get on the marketplace}

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