Friday, 29 November 2013

Gobble Gobble Gobble

Hello all! Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans and boo to me for not saying so last night! Ah well, here's hoping you're all full of turkey and other such goodies and happy. No going too crazy with Black Friday sales either! ^_^

Today was a pretty rough rl day here so I'ma keep this short and sweet! Birdy! has so very kindly set out these Turklets as a new VIP group gift for 1L! Yay turkey friends. Sn@tch is also in a very generous mood and refilled all the lucky chairs! Yays! I swooped up this comfy set and the just-in-from-the-cold blush and you'll definitely find me setting up camp to wait on a few of the others! Finally I started the 50L Friday hunt and discovered new-to-me Kirin poses. I jumped the gun a bit I guess for their offering but did find a super cute subscribo gift with 4 poses! Yay pose junkie feeding!



Buddies - Birdy! Turklets (1L several attachments and rezzables VIP group gift)

Outfit & Blush - Sn@tch Pillowpants Lounge set & Holiday makeups (0L lucky chairs)

Pose - Kirin Poses Opening gift (0L subscribo gift)

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