Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Confession time: I <3 anime. I know I know Barbie and Scott Pilgrim aren't super suggestive of anime love but I can't help it. Myrai Style has freed the way for me to express this to you with their super cute group gift shirt!

I also was going through my folder of amazing-stores-I-discovered-at-an-event and realised I hadn't gone to NS - cutie store which is shameful given how often I wore their candy fair gift! I'm crazy glad I did though since they have a whole pack of gifts for 1L each! Really though these sneakers are the cutest thing. Oh and the mask comes with an over the eyes version too aaaaaand a hud so you can choose from multiple options! How awesome is that? 


Shirt - Myrai Style Anime Love (0L group gift)

Shoes & Mask - NS Cutie Store Kawaii Wings Sneakers & Kawaii Sleep Mask (1L each group gift)

Moufie - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations Evil Token (0L group notices)

Pants - Forever Young @ The Thrift Shop Loved Sweat Pants pack 2 (99L pack of 6!)

Pose - Atelier {m+} Magdalena Pose PAck (0L The Dirty Turkey Hunt gift - only 10 more days!) 

Hair - Ploom Spunki Indecisive

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